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Residential Roofing

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When hiring a roofer, clients place their confidence in us to work on the most important part of their home, one that most clients likely never try to see up close. To excel in our industry we must provide the highest level of service. We believe we do this by being available to our clients by telephone and in person. We respond and we deliver. We are accountable for our work and ensure that we get the details right, especially the ones our clients will never see.

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We hire people who share our values, love what they do, and love to make clients happy. Our employees make the difference. We love doing business with our clients and we want them to refer us at the end of their project to their friends and family. We earn our client’s trust by paying attention to the details, being accountable for our work, and being responsive to their needs.

Residential Roofing Services

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Roof Inspection

We provide detailed photo reports for our clients who may be selling or buying a home, real estate agents, property managers, or home inspectors.

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Roof Repair

We offer repair services for all types of roofing applications and materials. Repairs often help to extend the life of a roof for years in most cases.

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Roof Replacement

We replace all types of roofing materials and have solutions for every type of construction, including metal, shingles, flat roofing applications, tile, and other solutions.

  • Perform a detailed inspection and create a photo and measurement report.

  • Meet with the client to discuss the results of the inspection and consider the best options.

  • Present a detailed written proposal to the client.

  • Plan and clearly lay out the next steps: time frame, key project details, and safety. considerations.

  • We will order materials and schedule the work to be performed.

  • Final walkthrough with our team and client representative.

  • Final payment is collected and applicable warranties are delivered.
  • Leaks around chimneys and walls or staining in sheetrock, showing obvious water entry.

  • Granules from shingles building up in the gutters or ending up on the driveway at the base of the gutter downspouts.

  • Missing or bent shingles that are easily observed from the ground.

  • “Shiny Shingles” reveal the fiberglass mat of the shingle, indicating that there is a weak bond between the mat and the top course of granules.

  • Exposed nail heads.

  • Shingles blown off during high winds that end up on the ground.
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